Emergency Lighting

One of the major hazards associated with commercial premises is the outbreak of fire.

Often, a fire on a business premises is caused by a spark in an electrical connection, triggered by partial contact, resulting in a spark or an increase in the temperature of surrounding metal that later ignites a nearby flammable material.

While such occurrences can be difficult to totally avoid, the right safety measures in place can save lives.  Along with smoke alarms, emergency lighting should be introduced into your business premises, usually at the time of building, to light exit pathways so that your staff and clients can easily follow an escape route in case of fire.

An effective emergency is an essential service in any commercial or apartment buildings, and the lighting system requires proper planning prior to installation and regular six monthly checks by a qualified electrician to avoid any failures when the system is most needed.

Our team at Mossfiel Electrical can help you with proper planning, which entails an overview of the business premises and working area to locate the appropriate points at which to fix the emergency lights and to ensure a continuous source of power in case of a local outage.

Emergency signage units are a special light that is only activated when the power in a building fails; when this happens, the unit will switch on and run for two hours on it’s internal battery. There are numerous regulations around the distance apart these units should be as well as how often they’re maintained by a qualified electrician.

An effective and foolproof emergency lighting system is a legally enforced requirement for business owners and landlords, to ensure the health and safety of anyone using the building.  

By having a qualified and reliable electrician on your side, you can ensure this vital element of your business is well looked after.  Contact Mossfiel Electrical today to discuss your business requirements with one of our friendly team.

All exit and emergency lighting electrical work is completed in accordance with Australian standards with structured 6 and 12 month safety checks and replacements; it is also backed with a Certificate of Electrical Safety.

And best of all, we also provide our customers with a 24 hour emergency call-out service for your complete peace of mind!