Smoke Alarms

Your home is probably the biggest emotional and financial investment you’ll make, so it makes sense to protect it in any way you can.

And while you’ve got yourself covered with the right insurances, it’s a legally enforceable necessity to mains and battery powered smoke alarms across your home and any investment properties you might own.

It’s well-known, even amongst those who have never experienced such an event at their property, that a house fire is devastating as well as being utterly destructive. Precious lives, valuable furniture and appliances as well as sentimentally important items can be lost from something as simple as carelessness in the kitchen or poorly maintained electrical equipment. 

Your smoke alarm is an electrical device that can detect smoke and set off an inbuilt alarm powered by battery or a connection to the mains power to warn you of danger.  Obviously, this piece of equipment is vital to the safety of you and your family and should be professionally installed and regularly maintained.

You might not know it, but even a mains wired smoke alarm needs it’s batteries changed annually - most popularly when the clocks change in Australia - just in case your power has been cut.  In addition, smoke alarms have a ten year life span, so need replacing each decade.

Our team at Mossfiel Electrical will be able to advise you on the best positioning of smoke alarms, particularly if you are undertaking a new house build, and any maintenance that might be needed and be the first point of contact should your smoke alarms suffer any type of fault.

By having a qualified and reliable electrician on your side, you can ensure this vital element of your business is well looked after.  Contact Mossfiel Electrical today to discuss your business requirements with one of our friendly team.