Grid Connect Solar

More than one in ten Australian homes now has rooftop solar panels, harnessing the power of the sun to generate electricity.

Electricity consumption and cost is an ongoing consideration for homeowners and business owners alike and, as the cost of electricity generated by fossil fuels increases, consumers are seeking a cheaper and cleaner alternative. 

Solar has long been proven the winner when it comes to an effective and affordable source of additional renewable power, cutting power bills and making homes and businesses more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Installing solar panels on your home or business premises roof in Melbourne West is a cost effective and easy process with our friendly team at Mossfiel Electrical. Solar panels are series a photovoltaic (PV) modules connected electrically and designed to be mounted on a north-facing supporting structure, either fixed in place, elevated or with a tracking system.

Your solar panels will provide power directly to your home or business during the day while the sun is shining, however, overnight you will revert to drawing energy from the electricity grid.

One of the Mossfiel Electrical team will be able to show you how to make the most of your panels, for example by using your bigger electrical appliances during daylight hours.  

While the initial cost of installing solar panels for home or business use may seem expensive, in the long term it is a very worthwhile investment.  In addition, the cost of maintenance is minimal, only requiring minor regular maintenance and cleaning by your electrician to remove dust, grime, pollen and other particulates, which, once clean, can improve your panel efficiency by up to 30%.

Mossfiel Electrical can also provide an energy audit on your home to see which appliances are using the most electricity, which will then determine which appliances need to be run during the day utilising your solar power.  We can install timers to help you manage when your appliances switch on and off and an energy monitor to track your energy usage.

By having a qualified and reliable electrician on your side, you can ensure this vital element of your business is well looked after.  Contact Mossfiel Electrical today to discuss your business requirements with one of our friendly team.

Solar Maintenance

Installing solar panels to help lower your electricity bill is a great idea.

But did you know that, over time, our harsh Australian weather can damage your panels or cover them with dust and debris, making them less efficient?

Mossfiel Electrical and Safety Management have an easy-to-use annual program that focuses on cleaning and maintaining your solar system to ensure maximum efficiency.

We'll make a time with you to come round and check your inverter, clean up and repair any damage to your solar panels and record input and output voltages.

Best of all, we put a log book in place so we can easily track how well your solar system is performing and whether or not you need to think about replacing any parts.

It doesn't matter if you have two or twenty-two panels, our Residential Solar Maintenance program covers any size system!